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A Mouse Model For Studying Fire Spread Rates Using Experimental Micro-fires
Vol. 9, Issue 6, May 2020
Submitted 2018-11-01, Accepted 2020-05-14
John R. J. Thompson, Xi J. Wang, W. John Braun
Frailty Models for the Control Time of Wildland Fires in the Former Intensive Fire Management Zone of Ontario, Canada
Vol. 9, Issue 5, Sep 2019
Submitted 2019-05-01, Accepted 2019-09-15
Amy A. Morin, Alisha Albert-Green, Douglas G. Woolford, David L. Martell
Statistical Surveillance Thresholds for Enhanced Situational Awareness of Spring Wildland Fire Activity in Alberta, Canada
Vol. 9, Issue 4, Sep 2019
Submitted 2018-10-31, Accepted 2019-09-15
Cordy Tymstra, Douglas G. Woolford, Mike D. Flannigan
Spatial Semi-parametric Spectral Density Estimation for Multivariate Extremes, with Application to Fire Threat
Vol. 9, Issue 3, Sep 2019
Submitted 2018-10-31, Accepted 2019-09-15
Mauricio Nascimento, Benjamin A. Shaby
Area Interaction Point Processes for Bivariate Point Patterns in a Bayesian Context
Vol. 9, Issue 2, Sep 2019
Submitted 2017-08-17, Accepted 2019-09-15
Glenna F. Nightingale, Janine Bärbel Illian, Ruth King, Peter Nightingale
Visualizing Multivariate Time Series of Aerial Fire Fighting Data
Vol. 9, Issue 1, Sep 2019
Submitted 2018-11-14, Accepted 2019-09-15
Devan G. Becker, W. John Braun, Charmaine B. Dean, Douglas G. Woolford
Modeling of Dengue Fever Death Counts Using Hidden Markov Model
Vol. 8, Issue 9, Sep 2018
Submitted 2018-04-18, Accepted 2018-09-07
Joshni George, Seemon Thomas
Practical Geostatistics Case Studies 2009
Vol. 1, Book Review 1, Feb 2010
Submitted 2009-12-12, Accepted 2009-12-12
Reviewed by David Zes
Volume 9: Statistical Analysis of Wildfire Data
Volume 8: Novel or Unusual Ideas in Environmental Statistics
Volume 4: TIES2012

As of 2018, the Journal of Environmental Statistics no longer accepts ordinary submissions; we only accept submissions targeted for specific special issues. The Journal of Environmental Statistics' purpose is to contribute to the development of statistical techniques aimed at addressing questions related to environmental data. In particular, we encourage papers devoted to the development of computational methods and models for spatial and spatial-temporal data, especially point process and geostatistical data. Of special interest also is the incorporation of geographic information systems software. Important areas of application include environmental disturbances such as earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions, as well as problems relating to air pollution, climate change, water quality, mining, oceanography, geology, and meteorology. Emphasis is on applied statistics and it is expected that published papers will be of practical use for researchers working in the environmental sciences.

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