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Use of the Dagum Distribution for Modeling Tropospheric Ozone Levels
Vol. 5, Issue 5, Aug 2013
Submitted 2012-05-30, Accepted 2012-10-07
Benjamin Sexto Monroy, Humberto Vaquera Huerta, Barry Arnold
Statistical Climate-Change Scenarios
Vol. 5, Issue 4, Aug 2013
Submitted 2013-01-10, Accepted 2013-07-10
Jan R Magnus, Bertrand Melenberg, Chris Muris, Martin Wild
Non-homogeneous Poisson Process in the Presence of One or More Change-points: An Application to Air Pollution Data
Vol. 5, Issue 3, Aug 2013
Submitted 2012-07-21, Accepted 2013-06-27
Lorena Vicini, Luiz Koodi Hotta, Jorge Alberto Achcar
A Spatio-temporal Model Based on the SVD to Analyze Daily Average Temperature Across the Sicily Region
Vol. 5, Issue 2, Aug 2013
Submitted 2013-03-12, Accepted 2013-06-27
Rosella Onorati, Paul D Sampson, Peter Guttorp
Sample Size Determination and Hypothesis Testing for the Mean of a Lognormal Distribution
Vol. 5, Issue 1, Aug 2013
Submitted 2012-07-15, Accepted 2013-01-07
Dulal K Bhaumik, Kush Kapur, Runa Bhaumik, Domenic J Reda
Modeling the Impact of Afforestation on Global Climate: A 2-Box EBM
Vol. 4, Issue 12, Apr 2013
Submitted 2012-04-02, Accepted 2012-10-11
Craig Jackson, Sriharsha Masabathula
Optimal Deseasonalization for Monthly and Daily Geophysical Time Series
Vol. 4, Issue 11, Apr 2013
Submitted 2012-09-16, Accepted 2012-10-05
A Ian McLeod, Hyukjun Gweon
Practical Geostatistics Case Studies 2009
Vol. 1, Book Review 1, Feb 2010
Submitted 2009-12-12, Accepted 2009-12-12
Reviewed by David Zes
Volume 4: TIES2012

The Journal of Environmental Statistics' purpose is to contribute to the development of statistical techniques aimed at addressing questions related to environmental data. In particular, we encourage papers devoted to the development of computational methods and models for spatial and spatial-temporal data, especially point process and geostatistical data. Of special interest also is the incorporation of geographic information systems software. Important areas of application include environmental disturbances such as earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions, as well as problems relating to air pollution, climate change, water quality, mining, oceanography, geology, and meteorology. Emphasis is on applied statistics and it is expected that published papers will be of practical use for researchers working in the environmental sciences.

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